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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  July 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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commuter chaos. long lines, trains packed so tightly they were skipping stops. the you think today was bad, just wait. good evening, ike jacqueline
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london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. septa says tomorrow's commute would be worse with more people returning from their july 4th vacations. a third of the trains have been pulled off of the tracks. >> brandon huffman is live at eñ you need to know. brandon? >> reporter: jacqueline and jim, win ward is one of the most popular regional rail stops. you may hear an announce. during our report warning passengers about the delays coming up. during this evening's rush hour we saw packedw-6ñ trains, delayd even some passengers denied rides because the trains were at capacity. we spoke to a rail expert who says don't expect that to change anytime soon. we went down to 30th street station at rush hour and saw red, a lot of it. meaning delays. support septa required didn't want to see. most of them were tooup set or
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in a hurry to talk to us. but not adrian. >> no problem in the morning and it's late now but again septa has been late before. >> adrieian told us he got an e-mail last night regard the delay. septa says fatigue cracks on the rail cars need to be fixed. we asked a rail expert from the university of delaware about thz problem, which he says points to welding behbstress, manufacturi >> if you have crack in the truck, you have the potential of catastrophic failure. >> reporter: some passengers share their plight with nbc 10 on social media.wi(t&háhp &hc% kate tweeted a photo of riders jammed in at the temple university stop. it was very similar to this at brent mar. >> i may take the route 100 if that's an alternative that i
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have. >> reporter: rail expert says based on the report he's read, this will not be a quick fix. he says due to the high number of rail cars, this may take a few weeks and that's best case scenario. but septa says they expect to have everything under control by august. live in win ward, brendon hudson. >> septa is giving some required a refund. you're eligible if you bought a weekly regional trail pass for the week starting july 4th. you're also eligible if you bought a monthly pass eligible for july. you have to mail your pass back to septa by thursday to claim your refund. you can find the address on and the nbc 10 app. we've posted a link to the modified regional rail schedule as well as alternate routes. a philadelphiasró[ woman is police custody accused of macing
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a bussed driver and a handicap passenger. n'q 5th ju before 9:00 to help a wheelchair passenger when the attack happened. wheelchair passenger were hospitalized but are expected to be okay. police say the suspect was angry because the driveryáa did not s for her mid block. and we have this just in. the winning numbers from the secht largest lottery jackpot in u.s. history. $454 million is up for grabs in tonight's mega millions drawing. if you bought a ticket, listen up. the winning number, 29, 46, 53, 64, 737s and the mega ball is 1 tonight. again, 29, 46, 53, 64, 73 and the mega ball is 10. earlier today we spoke to a few people about what they'd do if they won the jackk"ç >> i would probably go to greece
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and i want to do like an african safari in egypt. >> my husband's car just broke down this morning. that's where it's going to be to get it fixed. >> some trips, some repairs. the odds of picking all six correct numbers are 1 in 259 million. if no one wins, the jackpot is expected to grow by more than $50 million. so another big story, a heat wave. >> it was a muggy night to walk the dog. it was hot, it was sticky and the heat wave hasn't even started yet. >> let's go to glen hurricane schwartz with your neighbor weather.  we're heading into the dog days of summer. >> we're going to be in the 90s tomorrow. that's not the hottest we're going to see this week. we have an excessive heat watch for thursday and friday when the temperature is higher than tomorrow. back to 89 today, 94 tomorrow, 97 thursday and friday, and with
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high humidity on top of that making it feel like over 100. tomorrow we wake up, it's kind of warm and humid already and it gets hotter. ì% the area. lehigh valley getting into the 90s at 4:00. no rain anywhere. at the jersey shore we're holding in the 80s. that's the only part of the area that's going to dol+/4 that. we'll see just how long this heat is going to continue with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. tomorrow hillary clinton heads to atlantic city hoping to strike hard at donald trump's business record. likely questions of her own about her e-mail scandal. >> today the fbi recommended no criminal charges against her. but the political battle is noty over. nbc 10's denise that can no is here tonight. >> the nib probe contra zikts her claim she never sent classified e-mail pane
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republicans were quick to respond with criticism. the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail found no intent to break the law but found a mishandling of 110 classified e-mail, e-mails that james comey said were possibly accessed by hosel nations. >> there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. >> hillary clinton had long insisted -- >> there wasn't a single one of those that was marked classified. >> donald trump at a rally tonight in raleigh. >> this is where they said that she was extremely careless. and frankly i say grossly incompetent. t president, folks. >> clinton had no comment about the erk mail case while campaigning with president obama in charlotte. but her campaign spokesperson said today the secretary of state is pleased with the fbi's decision and the mistake of ? e-mail wo happen again. >> none of these e-mailsjxcs s
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have been on any kind of unclassified system. >> the justice department will be make a final ruling and a former federal prosecutor from philadelphia says it's possible the game could change should donald trump win the presidential election and appoint a new attorney general. >> there's a new attorney general, theoretically, that person could reopen the case, determination. >> now donald trump also accused hillary clinton of bribing aattorney general loretta lynch to bury the e-mail investigation. clinton plans to go after donald trump while7ñ he's in atlantic city tomorrow and talk about his failed ac business record. from our delawareuums bure police are released new surveillance video in their search for a man who tried to kidnap two women over the weekend. both incidents happened between sunday night and early monday morning on east main street in newark. take a good look at this surveillance video from the main
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towers apartments. apt the top of your screen you can see a man walking through a parking lot early yesterday morning. that's shortly before the second camden officials are asking to track down an arsonist who's mihit mo than a dozen homes. nbc 10 obtained the frantic 911 @qpvrj rash of fires. police are unclear if it's one person or a group of people responsible for setting 14 fires. now a task force is relying on the pub help to catch whoever is behind them. >> the greatest fear is the protection of citizens of the city of camden. >> i hope they catch whoever is doing this. they got to catch them quick. >> all of these fires, except for one, was set during the day
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and at vacant properties. in all seven firefighters have been injured. a man praying on children. what he's admitted to doing at the hop you lar amusement park. i got these three bundles. >> cab driver makes an incredible find. what he discovered inside his taxi and why you might not believe what he did next. and this blackañ tube coulde the future of news. her name is alexa and we'll explain how he's helps us. i'm tracking weather so hot it's going to feel like triple digits. item you how long the heat wave is going to last. details in my first alert neighborhood forecast.uúñ ♪
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remember this, a video of police arresting the son of the
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former allentown police chief in whitehall township two years ago. christopher fitzgerald has been acquitted of pointing a gun at detectives following a road rage incident. but now he's claiming his arrest was a case of racial profiling9 and political playback. he's filed a civil rights lawsuit against the lee high district attorney and county attorney and others. we reached out to the d.a.'s office for comment but have not heard back. áabñ prosecutors are recommg a 12 1/2 sentence for a man who admitted to photographing kids changing their clothes. he pleaded guilty to possessing and distributes sexually explicit pictures of children today. yesterday we celebrated america's independence. today was venezuela's turn. the flag was raised for the first time in philly history.
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it was part of a tribute to the local venezuelan community.  in the home stretch. the summer olympic games are now jjt cera month from today, august 5th. nbc 10 is getting you ready for all of the action and excitement. this saturday on nbc 10 we're scenes as some local athletes prepare in this final months before the games. we'll feature vice tie kuning hamm exclusively this saturday in the three-part series called going for gold. he's the daughter of randall n kuning ham. (t&háhp &hc% saturday. and nbc 10 is your official
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olympic station. i'll be in rio to bring you the stories from our local olympi s olympians. you can keep up with the medal account on nbc 10 and >> got your passport ready? >>oq=[ñ got it ready and the vi ready to gop. nbc 10 is providing another way for you to get your headlines. >> amazon echo will give you the news on demand. here's keith jones to explain how it works. >> nbc 10 news is at your fingertips like never before. amazon echo will give you up to the second nbc news 10 head lines. doesn't that make my job obsolete? >> i'll take it from here. hi, i'm alexa. cue the video. basically i'm a hands free speaker you control with your voice. you can ask me anything. >> alexa, what's the score of the philly's game. >> alexa, what's the weather like in atlantic city. >> alexa, when are they going to finish the construction on 1j::.
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>> when nbc journalists ask the tough questions and the answers, you can hear their quality reporting through me. another example of nbc 10's promise. count on it. >> alexa, stop. my line. wait for this. alexa, simon says keith jones will never be replaced by a talking robot. >> keith jones will never be replaced by a talking robot. >> uh-huh. let's continue. >> who wants to get out of bed or reach for the phone to get the news. you can get nbc 10 news by yelling across the room right now. alexa what are the news headlines? >> local news from nbc 10 philadelphia. >> nbc 10 is the only local station where this is available. download the amazon alexa app, go to settings and choose nbc 10 philadelphia. >> get the latest local news and weather, investigative c!m;r3 tent from the nbc 10 app or at
11:17 pm >> people have busy lifestyles. we're not alwayü tethered to te easy chair in the living room watching tv. we're on the go with our mobile devices. we may have a tablet. and that's where we're going to find out what's going on. now you have alexa. you just sort of ask her what's going on and she's going the tell you and we have our information loaded on there. it's fantastic. >> if you have music on your iphone, alexa will play it for you. mine a connected now. >> zjóalexa, play back street b from keith's phone. ♪ ♪ >> alexa, stop. just stick with nbc 10 news, okay? i'm keith jones. >> keith's secret is out, back street boys. who knew. a little july 4th redo. >> last night's stormy weather meant several local communities were treated to fireworks tonig
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tonight. skies lit up over hollywood camden county, hundreds packed the high school stadium the take in the fireworks display. they had to wait for it but it was a nice night for it tonight. a bit muggy. >> much better tonight than the previous night for sure. uncomfortable over the rest of the nights this week. when it's over 80 at 11:00 at night, you got a warm humid air mass. 80 degrees in delaware, close to that in much of new jersey. and we do have that excessive heat watch for thursday and friday. tomorrow is going to be hot, but not dangerously hot. this could be the case from delaware all the way up7v- to trenton. and beyond. tomorrow, well we're going to be seeing, like i said, a pretty warm start. be in the 70s right at 5:00 in the morning, areas of fog. we warm up very quickly into the 80s and by noon or 1:00, we're
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already at 90 degrees. quakertown 88. but willington is up to 90. a sea breeze, atlantic city only 78 degrees and even cooler later on in the afternoon when(g it's4 in philadelphia, it's 76 in atlantic city. might be a nice time to stay at the shore. well, we've got a heat wave coming. not only with the temperature but the humidity is going to be so high, this is the way it's going to feel. temperature 94, feeling like 98. thursday 97, feeling like 104. friday 97 feeling like 106. saturday 95 feeling like 104. this is around a physical danger zone. our bodies are not adjusted to that. we're going to have to take it easy over those days. as you can see. well, as we go into tomorrow, there's no precipitation but thursday we may get om scattered showers and thunderstorms. and by the afternoon you may want some of the rain.
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there we go into thursday evening. friday we starta18y off dry, he and humidity help regenerate and we got some thunderstorms out of that. the ten-day outlook, well, there's your extreme heat through friday and into saturday. sunday we start drying out. and not quite as hot. and once that happens, it looks like we're into a fairlykm-o dr pattern. i don't have any rain in the forecast for all of next week. i don't have any of the extreme heat that we had this week, too. so had got a few tough days to get through and then things will improve. we'll be right back.
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meet june no. a nasa spacecraft that's counterly orbiting jupiter, first to do so in two decades.
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nasa workers erupted in applause. a five-year journey of nearly 2 you no is expected to provide the most closeup views of jupiter ever seen. amazing. boston cab driver is being recognized for his honesty. >> he found a bag full of cash, a lot of cash. >> uh-huh. >> and turned it into police. $187,000 in cold hard cash. yeah, that's what he found in the back seat of his cab on saturday. he said he thought about taking the money home but decided to go to police who found the man. his reward for returning that life changing stack of cash? $100. >> i guess i feel all right, i did the right thing. but he could have did miles per hour than what he did. what are you going to do, you know. >> after the two reunited again and the cash was returned, the
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cab driver even gave that guy a ride back to his hotel. this time that guy remembered his bag. yeah. >> what was he doing with all of that cash? >> i don't know. >> okay. we'll be right back.
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hey, hey. i'm danny pommells. the center fielder will be the club's lone representative next week in sanmgj=÷ died yay san d. let's have a look at how the phillies did tonight. they wasted no time keeping their high hitting going against
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streak. fourth inning, phillies lead 2-0. sixth inning, mike franko, phillies go ahead and get downsed with the head gatorade. we turn to the sixers now, they played their second game that evening but this without top pick ben simmons who missed reasons. simmons did however offer an update. >> i'm feeling a lot better. fluids. doing a lot better. it was good, refreshing. i'm excited to be a part of the sixers. i'm getting to play with the new cheerleader in this game with three's company from top of the key.
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sixers up three. had five assists and two steals and got the admiration of his teammates. spurs beat the sixers. the?m 7 flyers still under today a local kid comes home. flyers agreed to the terms of t.j. brennon, 27 years old and played for the toronto marlies last season. he led in defense i points with 68. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back.
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philadelphia's moth bethel ame church held its 200th year brags tonight y of fiep arts for the church's y bicentennial reception. guests enjoyed musical performances and the first district bicentennial choir. congratulations. >> that was the first church i ever visit when i came to town. that's nbc 10 at 11:00. >> thanks for being here tonight. hope you'll join us tomorrow. the "tonight show" starring jimmy fallon starts right now. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- maya rudolph and martin short. leslie odom jr. musical guest,


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